Attend Search Committee Training Search Committee and Canon d’Rue Hazel 11/30/16
Create OTM Portfolio Search Committee 1/16/17
Submit OTM Portfolio to diocese Cathy Sligh 1/16/17
Publish OTM Portfolio on Diocesan website to advertise rector opening Canon d’Rue Hazel 1/23/17
Create Church Profile Search Committee 1/16/17
Revise St. Bart’s website to include Church Profile Cathy Sligh, Terrie Lehi 1/23/17
Accept applications from potential candidates (1 month) until March 8 Canon d’Rue Hazel In progress
Prepare questions for telephone/Skype interviews Search Committee 2/27/17
Conduct red flag checks on applicants (How do they relate to Bishop and congregation? Would you hire them? Etc.) Canon d’Rue Hazel In progress
Bishop approves applicants (5–7) to present to St. Bart’s (March 9) Bishop Waldo  
Search Committee meets with Canon Hazel on March 9 to receive list of candidates and credentials Canon d’Rue Hazel and Search Committee  
Review applications and choose candidates to interview Search Committee  
Conduct telephone/Skype interviews with applicants Search Committee  
Choose candidates to visit in home congregations Search Committee  
Prepare for visits to home congregations Search Committee  
Visit candidates in home congregations (Teams of 3) Search Committee  
Choose at least two final candidates Search Committee  
Submit final candidates to Bishop’s office and Vestry Cathy Sligh  
Conduct full background checks on final candidates Canon d’Rue Hazel  
Receive approval of final two candidates from Bishop Canon d’Rue Hazel / Bishop Waldo  
Prepare for finalists to visit St. Bart’s to meet with Vestry Search Committee  
Finalist and Sr. Warden meet with Bishop Finalist, Sr. Warden, Bishop Waldo  
Vestry selects top candidate for rector of St. Bart’s Sr. Warden  
Vestry notifies Bishop’s office of final candidate selection Sr. Warden  
Create Letter of Agreement between Bishop, Vestry, and Rector Vestry, Bishop, Rector  
Announce new Rector Sr. Warden / Vestry  



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